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6 Things to Know Before Buying a Toupee

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Buying a Toupee: Toupees help millions of men recover from temporary as well as permanent hair loss but buying one – especially for the first couple of times – can be tedious and confusing if you lack the right information.

That’s why we joined hands with Lordhair, a leading toupee wig brand – to share 6 things to keep in mind while buying a toupee (also known as a hairpiece, hair system, and wig). This quick toupee guide will come in very handy if you are planning to buy a toupee for the first time. Let’s get started!

Type of hair

Most toupees are designed using two kinds of hair, synthetic hair and human hair. While the former is made using synthetic fibers, the latter is real hair sourced majorly from donors. So, before buying a toupee, you need to figure out what type of hair is used in the toupee and will it suit your needs or not?

Choose the color

Toupees are available in multiple color options. Brown, blonde, black, and gray are some of the most popular color options. While choosing one, you need to know what shade will suit you the best. If you want a natural look, you can go for a human hair toupee that matches the shade of your real hair. Or make sure that the toupee contrasts well with your skin tone. The gray can be also be combined with the other colors to achieve a % of gray, blended with a brown, for example.

Confirm toupee size

Different men have differing levels of hair loss. That’s why toupees for men come in different sizes.  If you are getting a toupee from your nearest salon, then, you must try it before buying. If you are purchasing online, then you need to check the base size of the toupee and match it with the size of your head you need to cover. For crown area hair loss, you can measure for a base size that covers your hair loss. If you are completely bald you will want to measure the circumference of your head as this includes the back and nape, and thus measurement depends on your head size and not size of the hair loss. Since head measurement can be tricky for first-time buyers, we recommend watching a video tutorial for clarity.

Check the base material

Just like hair, a toupee base also comes in a variety of options. While some are less durable and more real, others are highly durable and less realistic. There are cap types that balance both as well.

Therefore, buyers need to decide what they don’t want to compromise on and pick a toupee accordingly.

Consider lifestyle

Some toupees are designed to cater the needs of men who live an active lifestyle and workout on a regular basis. They are built to resist sweat, retain breathability, and look amazing while doing that.

On the other hand, there are toupees that fit the lifestyle of men who work corporate jobs. Long story short, take into consideration your lifestyle while buying a hair replacement system.

Start browsing

There is no dearth of options when it comes to men’s hairpieces. That’s why it’s important to check a handful of collections before finalizing your purchase.

Online hair system brands like Lordhair have a huge catalog that features hair replacement products fitting unique toupee goals. Such sellers also have discounts for first-time buyers!

Shop real hair toupees

By following this toupee buying guide, you will be able to make an informed purchase! Whether you go for a synthetic hair toupee or a human hair system, it’s ultimately your decision but we recommend human hair systems to all, especially people who are buying a toupee for the first time.

Looking for more guides on buying and maintaining hair systems? Browse to discover FAQs, blogs, videos and much more.

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