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How to dry your hair with a towel – Methods, Steps, Tips to dry hair, and More

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How to dry your hair with a towel properly?

  • Perfectly invigorated by this shower, our natural drying adventure will then continue to know How to dry your hair with a towel properly.
  • We move on to serious matters. From this moment, we will try to touch hair as little as possible.
  • Therefore wring out the excess water in the shower with our hands, keeping our hair parts as delimited as possible to not re-entangle them hastily.
  • We try to ban the towel from drying the hair to preserve the nature and the natural movement of the hair.
  • Once our hair is coarsely towel-dried and relaxed, we will be able to apply a revitalizing serum if we find it a little dry or go directly to the styling product of our choice.

Steps to dry your hair

1. Prepare a soft towel or t-shirt

  • When your towel dries your hair, it’s best to use a very soft towel or, why not, an old t-shirt, rather than a rough old towel.
  • Using a soft cloth will prevent you from damaging and tangling your hair.

2. Gently wring out your hair between your hands

  • As soon as you turn off the water in the shower, when your hair is soaked, wring out the surplus water with your hands.
  • It will be easier to towel dry your hair if it is not dripping.
  • Do not twist your hair; you risk damaging it.
  • Gently gather your hair into bundles and wring out excess water.
  • Preferably do this while you are still in the shower.

3. Squeeze and towel dry your hair

  • Take a bundle of hair and gently squeeze it in the towel to dry it from root to tip.
  • Continue through the entire head of hair until your hair is dry.
  • They will still be wet, but wetter.

4. Don’t twist your hair too tightly

  • The towel is just there to absorb the moisture.
  • Do not massage your hair with the towel; it will create frizz. Pressure dry using a towel.
  • Always use a part of the towel that is dry. Once you’ve dried all of your hair, you can take another inch and start over.
  • This step is unnecessary, but it will allow your hair to dry as much as possible with the only use of a towel.
  • As you dry, your hair is more likely to get tangled, so be extra careful not to rub it very much with the towel.
  • Once your hair is pretty much dry, it’s time to get styling.

How to do for healthy hair?

  • It is best to dry naturally in the open air or a towel, rubbing gently not to break it.
  • You pass your towel over your hair delicately. On top, then head down. You renew on the back of the towel.
  • It will have to remove a lot of water, and in a few minutes, they will finish air-drying.


  • Here are some straightforward tips that will allow you to hurt your hair no longer and save electricity, which is not negligible!
  • If you want to have full volume hair, and you usually use your hairdryer.
  • Consider brushing it upside down, on the underside, when it is practically dry, then lift your head upwards. Yank.
  • Then brush the top. If you want to blow your hair every Sunday, opt for a hairdryer with a cold air option.
  • It will damage your magnificent hairless.