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Salt water and hair – Description, Steps for hair protection, Tips, and More

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  • Saltwater and hair is a different combination, the salt water spray is the essential styling product to create wavy waves, and it also has some effects.
  • When you come out of the water, rinse yourself in the shower (after all, that’s what showers on beaches are for) and get rid of sea salts clinging to the hair fibre.
  • Then before tanning, put argan oil and UV protection back on your hair.

What to do for adequate hair protection?

  • A tip, rinse your hair in the shower after each swim in the sea!
  • It frees the salt crystals and avoids sensitizing the hair. It’s the same with the skin.
  • But so far, nothing new.
  • To start and avoid these attacks on the beach, remember to wet them with clear water before diving into the sea.
  • Once we wash hair with fresh water, it absorbs much less salt and will be less sensitive to the sun + salt water combo’s harmful effects.

Essential steps for hair protection

  1. We can protect our hair from an explosive cocktail; it is advisable to apply protective oil or milk.
  2. Often equipped with an SPF, its mission is to act as a barrier against UV filters, which can only deeply damage the hair fibre when coupled with salt water.
  3. The protective oil effectively protects hair exposed to the sun. It envelops them in instant non-greasy protection.
  4. Also, it preserves the shine of the hair and minimizes the effects of dryness.
  5. Protective milk effectively protects hair exposed to the sun while moisturizing it.
  6. It preserves the shine of the hair and minimizes the effects of dryness while activating the glow.

Salt water spray, the secret of wavy hair

  • We not only intend the wavy waves for surfers or those who spend their day by the sea.
  • Thanks to the salt water spray (also called surf spray), you can display the hair “back from the beach” effect without leaving the beach city.
  • Straight from Australia, these mists reproduce these crumpled-looking ripples, naturally created by seawater and wind in summer.
  • The salt in these styling products coats the hair fibre to give it more texture and an ultra-trendy wavy effect.

Salt water: Instructions for use

  • Step 1: on dry or towel-dried hair, start by generously spraying its spray over all the lengths, avoiding the roots.
  • Step 2: for those who have applied their spray to wet hair.
  • Then dry their lengths upside down using a hairdryer while crumpling them with your finger.
  • You can also twist and twist a few strands and dry them one by one.
  • Step 3: (if you have applied the spray to damp hair): we spray again (2 or 3 sprays, no more).
  • Then with the fingers, we crumple its lengths while making the hair go up. And voila!

The editor’s recommendation

  • We can choose what we want depending on the hair type (straight, fine, thick, curly).
  • The waves will not be the same.
  • We recommend the application on dry hair for already wavy or curly hair and those on damp hair for fine hair because drying with dry hair gives more volume.

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