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Soft hands – Steps and Excellent Home Remedies to get soft hands

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How to have very soft hands?

  • There is nothing enjoyable about having rough and cracked hands.
  • Often, we do not take the time to take care of our hands, and we forget that they are suffering from the harshness of time, work, household chores, etc.
  • We can take care of our hands and provide necessary nourishment and apply hydrating liquids.
  • Apply a moisturizer to soften your hands and avoid doing short works to keep it smooth.

Steps to get smooth hands?

1. Hydration for soft and smooth hands

  • How do you want your hands to be soft and smooth if you don’t take the time to hydrate them well? So to have soft and healthy hands, hydration is essential.
  • There are all kinds of good moisturizing, protecting, and refreshing hand creams available these days.
  • You also have some that are enriched with vitamins or even plant extracts to have even softer hands.
  • The is no need to spend a fortune to buy a branded and often costly hand cream.
  • Here is a refreshing lotion to restore softness and suppleness to your hands.

2. Wear gloves when doing the dishes

  • Do you know that the simple act of washing dishes by hand can make your hands rough, dry, and much less flexible?
  • Even though dish soap is increasingly gentle on the skin, it is best to wear gloves when washing dishes by hand after meals.
  • Some dish soaps are more toxic and therefore more irritating to the hands.
  • By putting on washing-up gloves, you will avoid soaking your hands in the grease and other dirt present in the sink.

3. Make hands soft with coffee.

  • And yes, famous for our gardening and insect tips, coffee grounds are also useful for softening the hands.
  • Coffee is an ingredient that is good for scrubbing and tightening the pores of the skin.
  • So why not use it to have beautiful, soft, and caring hands?
  • Here’s how to use it on his hands:
  • Take the coffee grounds and add a teaspoon of olive oil.
  • Rub hands for 3-5 minutes with this mixture.
  • Repeat 2-3 times each week to soften hands.
  • This natural trick is very useful in restoring suppleness and softness to your hands.

4. Sweet almond oil to hydrate the skin

  • If you have dried and irritated hands, sweet almond oil can be a great solution to this dry skin problem.
  • I advise you to choose a certified organic sweet almond oil and, above all, 100% natural to benefit your hands, face, and body.
  • If you don’t have one at home, I suggest one here of the first quality, especially at an excellent price.

5. Honey, a tip for soft hands

  • Do you like the taste of honey on toast in the morning or on fondant brie for dinner? Why not use it now to restore softness to hands and feet?
  • Here is how to use honey to make your hands soft soft soft :
  • Soak hands in a bowl of hot water for 5 minutes.
  • Then add a little honey and mix the water well.
  • Soak hands again for a few minutes.
  • In the end, you will feel a fresh and soothing softness on your hands.
  • It is a homemade recipe for repeating every week to have soft hands at all times.

6. Clay treatment against crevices

  • If you have dry hands and notice crevice, I know of shock treatment to restore your hands and feet’ softness and suppleness.
  • Here is what it takes to concoct this homemade recipe for gentle hands:
  • Two tablespoons of olive oil.
  • Two tablespoons of clay.
  • Add one tablespoon of cold water and mix everything.
  • Apply the mixture on the hands and more particularly on the crevices.
  • Having soft hands and preventing cracks and dry hands are better to repeat this remedy once every week.

7. Gentle hands with sugar and lemon

  • When it comes to the hands’ softness and dryness, there are many recipes from grandmothers that we can try.
  • Unfortunately, not all of the remedies are equally effective.
  • Here’s one made with sugar and lemon juice that should please your hands:
  • Mix sugar and lemon juice in a small bowl (it is essential to mix the two ingredients very well)
  • Then do like this you wash your hands by rubbing all of them well for one to two minutes.
  • Your hands will quickly regain a youthful softness thanks to this 100% natural trick!

8. Olive oil and acceptable salt

  • Just like the previous trick with sugar and lemon juice, the remedy with olive oil and acceptable salt is just as effective in softening hands.
  • Here’s how to pull off this trick:
  • Mix up one or two tablespoons of olive oil with 1/2 teaspoon of acceptable salt.
  • Rub hands with this mixture for a few minutes.
  • Then rinse your hands with lukewarm water to finish.
  • Thanks to this trick, the skin on your hands will be as soft as that of a baby.
  • You can also use this solution to make the skin under your feet less harsh and very soft.

9. Protect hands from cold

  • In winter or only on colder days, hands can quickly become dry and cracked.
  • So goodbye to softness! It is widespread and ordinary, especially for the skin on the hands and even the feet.
  • So how do you protect your hands?
  • So to protect them so that the hands keep their natural softness even in winter.
  • Get into the habit of always covering your hands well with hot gloves or mittens.
  • It is a simple trick that will allow you to keep your hands soft and prevent them from cracking and drying out even more.

10. Moisturizing treatment for skin and hands

  • Suppose you are looking for a very effective moisturizer for dry hands and treat and control eczema, rosacea, and even psoriasis.
  • In that case, we have the ideal product for you!
  • Here is a beeswax cream that you can easily find right here and restore the softness you deserve to your hands and treat many skin ailments.
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  • There you will find user reviews and comments that should quickly convince you.