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Top 6 Celebrity-Inspired Trends in the Fitness Wear Segment

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The fitness wear segment is one of the fastest growing industries, and it’s no surprise to see why. As more people exercise and have healthy habits, they need clothing to help them achieve their goals.

Fitness wear has evolved from just another fashion statement (all thanks to the Kardashian sisters popularizing athleisure) to something more functional, durable, and comfortable for all-day use. Here are some trends in the fitness wear segment inspired by celebrities.

Thigh High Leggings

Thigh-high leggings are a trend that is here to stay for a good reason. This trend has been made famous by Kendal Jenner, who is seen sporting these in several of her Instagram posts and pap shots. They’re comfortable but also stylish. You can wear them with a variety of tops and shoes. Plus, they come in a wide range of colors and patterns.

If you’re tired of wearing your regular leggings or tights or looking for something new to try out when working out at the gym or doing cardio exercises at home (or running errands), thigh-high leggings are sure to impress. You can explore a wide range of thigh-high leggings on this website.

Tie-Up Shirts

Tie-up shirts are a great way to show off your midsection and personality. They’re also a fun way to express your style. The tie-up shirt has become increasingly popular thanks to celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, who have worn them on the red carpet and on social media. Tie-up shirts come in different styles, but they typically feature open sides that make it easy for you to adjust how much skin is exposed (or not).

In addition to showing off what’s under their clothes, celebrities also like wearing other kinds of tops with open sides like crop tops or strapless dresses. It allows them more freedom when dressing up. After all, there’s no need for tights or leggings when you can just let those legs breathe. Some women prefer wearing shorts instead because they don’t like having bare legs showing at all times. If this sounds like something you will enjoy doing, try adding these pieces to your wardrobe today.

Sports Bras

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, your workout gear is essential to the whole experience. Getting through your sweat sessions can be challenging if you don’t have the right pieces. A sports bra is a must-have item for any workout outfit, and we are seeing many celebrities incorporate them into their wardrobe.

Sports bras help support while exercising and come in different styles depending on your liking. They can be made from other materials, such as nylon, spandex, or cotton, so if you want something that feels good against your skin, choose one made from soft materials like cotton or bamboo fibers, which are super gentle on the skin.

Fishnet Tights

Fishnet tights are another way to add texture to your outfit. Wearing underpants can create a unique look that adds interest to your ensemble. These tights also look great when worn over pants, especially if you want something different than traditional black leggings or tights.

Fishnet tights are versatile enough to be paired with almost any outfit type, whether you’re running in the cold or dressing up for dinner and drinks with friends. They’re also great for keeping warm in the winter while giving you an extra layer of warmth and adding some stylish flair.

Printed Anything

Printed anything is all the rage right now. Printed workout gear is a great way to show off your personality while working out, from shirts, pants, and jackets to socks and shoes. Nike’s popular Flyknit style was first seen on a printed women’s shoe in 2015 and has since become one of its most popular styles. Other companies have followed suit with designs ranging from simple black-and-white stripes to complex graphic prints that can be seen on everything from leggings to tank tops and even headbands.

Matching Sets

Another trend that has taken off in the last few years is matching sets. You can easily coordinate with your friends, family, and even pets! No longer will you be forced to wear an ugly black or pink shirt when going out with your best friend who also wears black and pink. Instead, you can both sport similar outfits while still looking unique.

It’s also becoming increasingly popular for people to wear matching sports bras and high-waisted leggings at the gym. It is a trend inspired by celebrities such as Beyoncé Knowles Carter and Kim Kardashian, who were spotted flaunting this look on multiple occasions.


In summary, we have seen that the fitness wear industry is snowballing and becoming more popular by the day. It has been driven by many factors, such as increasing consumer health awareness, celebrity endorsement, and technological advancements. However, we can expect to see more growth in the future as brands continue to develop innovative products which will help them stand out from their competitors.

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