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Types of Highlighter – Glam and Glow using different types of highlighters

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Description of Types of Highlighter

  • Types of highlighter makeup offer different products to enhance their beauty and highlight face-giving a radiant look.
  • We use one such product to ‘highlight’ your cheekbones, nose, and eyebrow bones.
  • As the name suggests, highlighters are known to emphasize your facial features by adding more sharpness, thus making you look gorgeous.
  • It is very similar to the blush you use to enhance your cheekbones by adding oomph to your cheerful face.
  • Highlighter makeup tips deliver a shimmering look to your features with sparkle and glamour.
    Often, people use eye shadows in place of highlighters to give that ideal shimmering effect to the desired areas.
  • Although this is a good trick, it doesn’t give the results you expect.
  • If you want to know the exact results, test the two types on different sides of your facial skin. The highlighter does the appearance of justice.

Different types of makeup highlighter

Let’s hear now the different kinds of highlighters available on the market:

1. Mineral highlighter

  • It is a soft highlighter makeup based powder, which is neither frosted nor too shimmery.
  • It is useful for women who already have red cheeks to use a little bit of highlighter to gain that glamorous look.
  • MAC Ambre Glow Mineralize Blush is the best mineral highlighter available on the market.
  • The only downside is that it is not very long. Users have known that it lasts no more than 6 hours without losing shine.
  • However, by the 7th hour – he was gone. But if you are wearing it for a night out, then MAC Amber Glow Mineralize Blush is the product for you.

2. Powder / Matt highlighter

  • Effect Powder or Matt Effect Highlighter comes in a powder format, with a shimmering and shine finish with minute granules.
  • We develop it to provide a perfect matte effect on your skin, providing you with perfectly highlighted features.
  • Some of the best in this range are Lancôme Moonlight Rose Illuminating Powder MAC Silver Twilight Iridescent Powder Milani Gold Dust

3. Stick / highlighter cream

  • As the name suggests, this type of highlighter comes in the form of cream or stick form.
  • The best product in this category is Benefit cosmetics called ‘Watts Up.’
  • It comes in Champagne shade and is not that glittery.
  • It is a soft-focus highlighter with the cream-to-powder finish

4. Liquid Highlighter

  • Liquid Highlighter is in most cases confused with cream highlighters, but in reality, cream highlighters are much thicker in comparison to liquid ones.
  • The application of this genre is also quite different from that of others.
  • Firstly, we mix liquid highlighters with moisturizer, foundation, or redness, and then we can apply it.
  • However, for direct application, it is applied after applying the foundation.
  • This kind of highlighter is known to provide a subtle glow on the face while perfectly highlighting the facial features.
  • Clinique’s Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator is among the best products that fall under this category.
  • It is also durable and comes in natural tones, which are suitable for women of all ages.

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