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Compact Powder – Selection, Method, and Best Compact Powders Reviews

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The compact powder is helpful to set the foundation and mattify the skin. It unifies the skin texture and gives an impression of velvety.

It is, therefore, perfect for skin prone to imperfections or with an oily tendency.

More suitable for dry skin and more ideal for touch-ups, unlike loose powder, compact powder allows you to apply makeup and sculpt and correct throughout the day.

How to choose a good Compact Powder?

Wear the Compact Powder alone or over a foundation for a long-lasting finish and choose accordingly:

  • High coverage and matte finish
  • Offers a clearer complexion
  • Absorbs excess sebum
  • Does not block pores
  • Ultra-light and breathable 24-hour formula
  • Resistant to humidity and water
  • 100% vegan
  • Suitable for all types of skin

What are the Active ingredients in Compact Powder?

  • Its main ingredient is talc, known for its covering properties.
  • We refine it to be very fine and not to leave any traces on the skin!
  • Oil or wax is added to it to obtain a compact appearance.
  • Firstly, the compact powder also contains pigments and nacres.
  • In particular, micas, these mineral pigments that reflect light and beautify the complexion.
  • Secondly, it contains zinc, ideal for skin suffering from excess sebum but not recommended for dry skin.
  • Finally, most compact powders are enriched with anti-UV filters, and sometimes with a moisturizer or anti-ageing.

How to Use a Compact Powder?

  • We apply the compact powder after the corrector and foundation, but before blush, the bronzer, or the sun earth.
  • It exists in a neutral version, but it is more common to find tinted versions.
  • Therefore, it would help if you chose a powder in the same tones as your foundation or slightly lighter.
  • We apply it with a broad brush all over the face. Insist on the T zone (forehead, nose, chin).
  • It thus guarantees the excellent hold of the makeup and prevents the skin from shining.
  • And also, you can slip it into your bag for small touch-ups during the day.

What are the Best Compact Powders?

1. Radiance Compact Powder


  • The setting powder leaves the complexion even and glowing, delivering a natural, long-lasting radiance to the skin.
  • Fade-proof and hydrating, the whisper-light formula absorbs excess oil and eliminates shine, while the Ampli-Light Complex enhances skin’s natural radiance.
  • We can instantly erase imperfections with one sweep to reveal a complexion that looks flawless from any angle.

Benefit: This elegant powder is essential for the modern woman on-the-move who wants a luminous and natural finish that lasts all day.

Type: Setting Powder

2. Universal Compact Pressed Powder Natural Finish


  • A powder that mattifies the complexion and refines the texture of the skin. A compact, ultra-fine, vaporous texture.
  • It is a practical and portable case to facilitate touch-ups during the day.

Result: a radiant, natural, mattified, and unified complexion while transparent.


  • It is light-reflecting and colour-correcting pigments for a luminous complexion and optical correction of imperfections.
  • It consists of silica microbeads for the mattifying effect.

Usage tips

  • We can use the compact universal powder on the skin without makeup or complexion products.
  • Collect the powder with the integrated puff.
  • Apply slight pressure on the whole face, insisting on the middle zone.
  • Smooth to unify the result.

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