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Lipsticks Write For Us

Lipsticks Write For Us

A common myth about natural lipsticks is that you have to sacrifice color, vibrancy, or color retention in favor of safer ingredients. FAILURE: The proof is in the pigments. Of course, anyone can add shea butter or vitamin E to lipstick. But when it comes to pigments, most brands lose any chance of finding a “natural” lipstick formula.

From the beginning, Susie Wang has formulated our lipsticks with the best combination of natural ingredients. She received natural pigments, natural moisturizers and long-lasting natural colors without sacrificing a truly natural formula.

How can this seemingly innocent crayon make us feel so powerful, and besides, since when has it been fashionable to color our wrinkles? Learn some surprising facts about lipstick and why you and natural lipstick should go together on the “lip.”

How have lipstick formulations evolved?

Over the years, lipstick has evolved from a crushed plant powder to a chemically formulated cosmetic. Despite new cosmetic innovations, the FDA has little to no regulation on what can be used to make lipstick. This means that synthetic, toxic and animal ingredients have been on the lips of women for a century.

Lipsticks contain a harmful mix of petroleum-based chemicals. One of the worst pollutants is lead, many of which have not been tested for safety. Because lips are sensitive and easily absorb products through the thin layer of skin that covers them, these harsh chemicals are absorbed every time you lick your lips.

Dyes, on the other hand, are regulated by the FDA. But does it really help when lipstick formulas, especially with false claims like “natural,” are actually advertised as lip retailers? These ingredients have been passed off as a must-have beauty product for girls for far too long! It’s time to expose them!

A better way to use lip color

We consider lipstick to be one of the most classic and effective forms of cosmetic expression. There is the perfect natural shade that will make every skin tone feel beautiful, and we believe in spreading that feeling in the safest possible way. For this reason, we have chosen not to use any animal by-products or toxic heavy metals in our natural lipsticks. Instead of these traditional ingredients, we have developed dozens of natural and healthy lipsticks.

Instead of oily, animal fat, we use plant-based ingredients to keep lips soft and hydrated throughout the day. Our liquid lipsticks, matte lipsticks, lip balms, lip liners and more are all cruelty-free.

In addition to providing intense hydration, pomegranate oil is packed with anti-aging antioxidants to keep lips looking supple, plump, and shiny. Cocoa butter is perfect for our matte lipstick as this butter is naturally semi-solid. When warmed on the lips, this butter softens and is one of the best natural plant-based moisturizers available.

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