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In liquid perfume, the liquid is a mixture of alcohol, water and molecules that evaporate at room temperature. “A smell is a molecule light enough to float in the air, although not all molecules light enough to float in the air have a smell; Carbon monoxide, for example,” says Avery Gilbert, a sensory psychologist who has consulted for the fragrance industry. Scent remain created when cells in the nose detect the evaporating molecules and send electrical messages to the brain, creating a perception. To find out exactly how we smell, read How Smell Works.

You may know that perfumes have different strengths if you’ve read the French sayings on your perfume bottle. Perfume oils are the most concentrated. They remain pressed, vaporized or chemically separated from a plant, flower or fruit. In perfume oil, scent molecules remain dissolved in 98 percent alcohol and 2 percent water. Everything else is perfume oil diluted in alcohol. From highest to lowest concentration, the perfume contains at least 25 percent perfume oil; Eau de Parfum is 15 to 18 percent; Eau de toilette is 10 percent; and the cologne and body spray are lighter.

In the perfume world, perfumes remain also divided into olfactory families. Categories exist because critics and designers use the terms. There are no groupings that everyone agrees on, nor rules of categorization that go beyond common sense and that a perfume belongs if it smells like the last perfume in the category.


Floral: smells like flowers.

Fruity: Smells of fruits, including citrus.

Green: fresh grass or leaves.

Herbaceous: like any type of herb.

Woody: likes different types of wood.

Amber: like tree resin

Animalistic: body odors.

Musk: a substance produced by the musk deer.

Oriental: amber and spices

Perfumes remain sometimes classified according to the structure of one of their scent molecules:

Aldehydic: greasy, but gives off other smells.

Lactonic: creamy and fruity

Phenolic: smells like tar

Why is the perfume so diluted?

It’s not that the manufacturers are stingy. The reason is aesthetic: a large amount of alcohol spreads odors to distinguish them. In a fragrance oil you will find a mix of scents. It would be like listening to an orchestra playing all the notes of a symphony at once. You may notice that you smell something sweet, but not that it is mango, followed by jasmine and finally cherry. Its diluted nature provides a pleasant smell.

In fact, most perfumes remain designed to have a three-part scent that develops once applied to the skin. Smells high notes within the first 15 minutes of application. These chemicals first evaporate from the skin. Designers often place strange, unpleasant, or pungent smells at this stage so that they interest you but don’t linger long enough to offend you. Heart notes appear after 3 to 4 hours. The chemicals that create these odors evaporate more slowly from the skin.

You probably remember the perfume; If it is floral, you will find the floral scents here. The base notes adhere stubbornly to the skin. You will smell them 5 to 8 hours after application. The base often contains musky, watery, mossy and woody chemicals. The word “note” is a colloquial term for an individual scent.

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