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5 Points to Consider When Converting a Tub to a Shower

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Being responsible homeowners, we take complete pride in taking the right repair & maintenance work very seriously. If you are looking to invest in the remodeling project for the home’s bathroom, then it’s worth checking out few online ideas to start with. Particularly, if you are looking for best easy working ways for the tub to shower conversion, then it’s always better to consult freelance home designers or companies. In this article, we will look at some important points that will help you do this task easily or take the help of a professional to get it done quickly.

1. Start with the Demolition

It is important to remove tile from the tub area & associated wallboard it’s attached to. The wallboard may be drywall, yellow board, green board, and concrete board. That has to go. Then, you have to remove your tub too. If you are not inclined to do plumbing associated with this, you will have to call in the Licensed Plumber and hire the renovation firm that will do this task rightly.

2. Retrofit Plumbing

A less invasive solution will be retrofitting your current bathroom plumbing and create the proper combination of the shower and tub unit. It allows you to keep your original bathtub whereas adding the required plumbing for the shower. You will have to open up your wall (generally from the adjacent room to your bath) and make sure plumbing is rightly done.

To waterproof your shower area, you must consider installing the tile on walls for the durable barrier. Suppose the tub area has a low window that will get wet, you have to wall your window off & tile over it and replace it with the glass blocks that can stand up to the water. You can talk about various bathroom window options with the builder.

3. Select Your Type of Conversions

Another best thing about remodeling the home is you get complete control throughout this design process. Whenever you think to upgrade to the modern shower, it is good you select the design style, which suits your aesthetic. You will be selected to convert to the shower for its style and simplicity. The modern design is about minimalism that is how the shower will be well-suited to your house than the bathtub.

For example, are you inspired by the rustic, traditional, and nostalgic designs? Rather, do you prefer industrial, modern, as well as sophisticated bathroom design? You must take your own time to think of what functions you want in the new shower.

4. Create Shower Floor

You can buy the fiberglass or acrylic pre-made shower base. Word of caution is to ensure that you get the quality base. You may buy ones, which are just $200 to 300 but the adage, “you will get the quality that you will pay for” goes completely true for the shower bases too. Cheaper ones generally tend to crack down very easily and you will have to replace this within 5 years times. There are some very good-quality shower bases that are available and can cost you a bit higher. Those are ones that you must check out and install!

Another option that you have is building your shower base. Suppose you are buying the quality pre-made shower base, building this right from the scratch can cost the same. You have to use 2x4s for building a curb and pack the shower floor & slope it toward the drain. It is the job left for pros if you have not had any experience doing it earlier.

5. Stay Willing to Hire the Professionals

Certain home improvement projects will be very simple for an average homeowner to finish. For example, you may easily handle the tasks such as replacing the air filters and lightbulbs. When it comes to repair or maintenance concerns, it’s better to take help of the professional guidance on this matter. For an important thing, you must not injure yourself or anybody else that is involved in this project. The trained bathroom remodeling knows to prioritize safety each step of its way. You must trust the expertise of the trained experts that have taken the time for developing the entire project. In that way, you will make sure the conversion of plumbing & space of the bathroom will be done perfectly for the first time.


Irrespective of which option you select, converting tub to shower allows you to update your bathroom too.

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